Vinyl Floor Cleaning

Look down at your floors, how do they look? As wondrous as they once were, they are faded, scuffed and scratched after months if not years of foot traffic and more. That doesn’t have to be the case; it’s possible to return the lustre that once wowed staff and clients alike. We have short and long term options for commercial cleaning and resealing vinyl floors in offices, kitchens and medical practices.

All you need to do is give our team a quick call and we’ll provide a quick and accurate estimate over the phone. Once prices and times are confirmed, we can be on site in no time at all seeing to your vinyl flooring services.

Vinyl Resealing Options

We have two basic vinyl resealing options to fit in with your budget and schedule:

Scrub and Reseal

Our scrub and reseal service offers a fast and affordable solution to tired floors.  We careful scrub and clean away the visibly worn upper layer of vinyl seal on the floor before applying down new coats. You will instantly notice a stark and dazzling difference, just remember though that this can only be done upwards of 3 times before having to do a complete strip and reseal of all existing seal layers.

Strip and Reseal

This process is similar to the scrub and reseal, instead of cleaning the dirt on the existing layers of seal, we remove the tired old seal with a stripping agent.  We then apply three layers of the industry’s most durable vinyl coating, guaranteeing a beautiful sheen for longer. Once your floors are ready, you can get back to business without a single scuff or scar under foot.

Your Property, Your Plan

We work with you to ensure that our work doesn’t impact upon your own. Our team will schedule all work based upon when best suits you and your operating hours, minimising any and all impact on your daily operations.

Seal the deal by calling ExtraClean on (07) 3245 3933  for a vinyl resealing estimate today.