Terms and Conditions

Below are the standard terms and conditions applied to every service we provide:

Contracts and Agreements

ExtraClean uses no long-term contracts – our 30 years in the field have taught us that performance is our only guarantee of retaining the customer. This ensures that we consistently deliver thorough and exacting cleaning services each and every time. The only condition we apply is that you give us four weeks notice prior to terminating our services. This understanding will be acknowledged via the signing of an agreement found at the end of your cleaning proposal and schedule.

Induction Processes

In order to maximise the impact of our services, we conduct an intensive induction process to better understand the full scope of your needs and the site being cleaned; no work will be started until the allocated members of our team are fully aware of what is expected of them. Checklists are then used to ensure no services or areas are neglected during scheduled cleans; as an added assurance, our own management also conducts random spot checks to ensure that we’re always providing the most hygienic work environment for our customers.

Staff Expectations

A logbook will be left on site to ensure that your staff have a clear understanding of what is being cleaned and when. This will give them a clear picture of the what, where, when and how of the task, effectively eliminating any uncertainty. If and when they have an issue with what is being done, they only need to talk with your management, who can then discuss any changes to existing schedules and plans with us.

Missed Services

ExtraClean’s team of cleaners will always arrive on time for your scheduled clean. In the instance that this does not happen for any reason, we will schedule a new time to make up for the missed service or provide you with credit. We will keep you aware of any changes to times or availability issues at all times.

Effective Cleaning

All members of the ExtraClean team are trained to deliver the best possible clean no matter the task or job site. This training has included a number of industry recognised effective cleaning concepts and ideas, including but no limited to:

  • Cleaning method selection;
  • Prevention of cross-contamination;
  • Equipment maintenance;
  • Industry and workplace specific cleaning standards;
  • Matching detergents to surface and task.

If there are any discernible lapses in cleaning standards between cleans, feel free to contact us immediately to discuss the situation.

Safe Cleaning Practices

ExtraClean adheres to the logic that if there is a safer way to do the job, do it. For this reason we:

  • All of ExtraClean’s cleaners have acquired a Cleaning Safety Card. 
  • Adhere to all government and industry guidelines applicable to us and our clients;
  • Utilise an industry recognised safe cleaning practices checklist on all job sites;
  • Avoid the use of any and all hazardous chemicals;
  • Use the latest in effective cleaning technology;
  • Work in an order that maximises the effectiveness of all services;
  • Apply techniques and chemicals that are best suited for each task and service;
  • Gloves, masks and other personal protective equipment (PPE) are used at all times;
  • Use as many green-friendly and low-allergy cleaning products as possible;
  • Prevent any potential cross-contamination;
  • At all times prevent clients and their staff from being affected by our cleaning services or any products used.