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    Every day that is in operation, your office air conditioner is amassing a ghastly collection of germ filled dust and mould. As this continues to build, both your air conditioning system and your staff will begin to suffer – in an age where air conditioning is a workplace norm, this is a risk best left avoided.

    Utilising the latest environmentally safe cleaning solutions from Gelair, your designated ExtraClean cleaner can effectively eliminate 99.9% of mould, fungus and dirt, allowing your staff to breathe easier day after day. With a single clean we can:

    • Improve energy efficiency of the system
    • Eliminate all existing signs of mould
    • Remove all dirt from filters
    • Strengthen overall air flow
    • Decrease hay fever and respiratory attacks

    All thanks to our meticulous efforts and the latest in green cleaning solutions. All work will be carried out promptly and professionally, guaranteeing cleaner, fresher air in no time at all. It’s our mission to keep your office safe, clean and healthy.

    How we clean your Air condintioner units

    We at ExtraClean have chosen to use the natural products of Gelair due to their greater effectiveness and environmental logic. With the help of their truly remarkable products we can not only reduce 99.9% of contaminants but also dramatically decrease the likelihood of major build-ups in the future. The active ingredient in Gelair is Tea Tree Oil. Tea Tree Oil is the oil derived from the leaves of a native strategy tree. Tea tree plantations are a 100% renewable source.

    Tea Tree Oil is a well known highly effective biocide (in Australia and some parts of Europe). The Gelair product is 10 percent tea tree oil combined with a water-based solution, in a specially mixed form and, the consistency of the product is a soft cream.

    Once the container, which the product (Gelair) is packed in is opened and exposed to a natural airflow or the airflow of an air handling unit the product begins to dissipate into the atmosphere of the building and air handling system. As the product dissipates into the air it carries very small amounts, (less than 1 ppm) of tea tree oil into the atmosphere of the building & AHU. This is enough to inhibit most moulds, yeasts and bacteria commonly found in air-conditioning systems, and general rooms or building space.

    In the tropical areas of the world. There is a major health problem associated with mould and other micro organisms growing in air-conditioning systems.

    Gelair will not only inhibit the visible yeasts, mould and bacteria, but it will inhibit the re-growth period after a product has totally evaporated.

    There have been some chemically based products developed and available on the market, predominantly in the United States of America, these products are aerobic biocides. These products have had a very strong and dangerous chemical composition. Most of these products have now been banned by the EPA in the USA and other countries around the world as they are harmful to not only humans, but also the environment.

    This is where Gelair has a clear advantage. It is a natural, safe, and as far as we know non-allergenic product, it is very gentle, and has no residual odour after the first few hours of installation.

    Gelair is currently used in many office buildings, shopping centres, nursing homes, schools and hotels. The reasons for use in these situations are quite varied, sometimes to control mould, sometimes to reduce sickness amongst the staff, to eliminate odours, or to treat a yeast or mould infection in the air-conditioning system.

    The product has been used in bakeries, to eliminate mould that can grow in the bread products. We also use the product in aged care facilities to control the odour of urine and excretia from patients.

    In each of the above instances. There have been no ill effects to the occupants of the buildings, or the consumers of food products.

    Your System, Your Plan

    We will work with you to assess the scale of the current build and how often future cleans will be necessary. With a mutually acceptable plan and schedule in place, we will be better able to provide you and your staff with the level of germ-free comfort that you deserve.

    Better Hygiene

    Our dedication to greater service doesn’t end with fresh, clean air; we also guarantee the quality of our work with an industry leading hygiene management plan, which includes:

    • Service specific processes
    • Up-to-date training for all our staff
    • Greener cleaning planning
    To find out more about our air conditioner cleaning services and obligation free quote, call us on (07) 3245 3933 today to find out more.