Tips to Keep Your House Clean Every Day of the Week

It may feel like an impossible task to keep your house clean and tidy. With kids, pets and a busy work schedule, the challenge is real and clutter and dirt can become overwhelming. While day to day life may be a rollercoaster, there are a few smart ways you can keep on top of things, without spending hours at a time. Read on for top tips to keep your house clean and organised every day of the week.

Tip #1: Clean a Room a Day

If you have a busy life, aim to clean one room a day. A 20-minute blitz should be manageable and not as overwhelming as having the whole house to do at once. Focus on the main high traffic areas in each room. For the bathroom it’s the wash areas, kitchen it’s the work stations/eating areas and bedrooms its where you sleep. A good wipe over and a vacuum will battle grime build-up.

Tip #2: Tidy Up as You Go

Cleaning as you go will save you headaches and time further down the line. As you move through your home, pick up clutter and organise furniture. Get your whole family involved at dinner time, asking one to wash, one to dry and one to put away. Encourage everyone to pick up their own clothes and leave their shoes tidy at the door.

Tip #3: Assign Your Family Jobs

If you have a family, start the kids learning early by assigning cleaning jobs to each. The young ones can be in charge of putting away toys, teenagers wiping down table tops and the husband can put out rubbish. When you have help with the cleaning, this cuts your work by half and it teaches everyone the responsibility of looking after a household.

Tip #4: Stick to a Schedule

To keep your house clean every day of the week, you need to have a schedule. Write your cleaning schedule down on paper, outlining what each of your family members needs to do and pin it to the fridge. Include; what needs to be done, when it needs to be done and at what time so everyone is aware of their role. By keeping on top of a schedule, you should be able to minimise clutter.

Tip #5: Get the Pros in for a Deep Clean

Keeping your home clean is an ongoing task. With everyone helping out, your home should stay a good level of clean and tidy. But with pets and children around, dirt can get trampled into carpets and into upholstery that is hard to remove with basic cleaning. Professional steam carpet cleaning is the only way to lift dirt from deep down in the carpet pile. Give yourself a break occasionally and call in an expert carpet cleaning company at least every 3-6 months.