The Essential Guide to Eliminating Pet Stains and Smells from Carpets

Pets are lovely to have in the home — always wanting to play and be by your side and best buddy when you’re feeling lonely. They bring so much joy into life but they can also bring mess, stains and smells. Especially when they’re young, little pups are likely to stain the carpet, before they know the rules of doing their business outside.

If you catch pet urine fast enough, it’s possible to remove the stain and eliminate odours pretty quickly. If the stain has been left for a while, it may be a little harder to remove. Here’s a simple guide to eliminating pet stains and odours from the carpet.

Clean Pet Mess as Soon as possible

Fresh urine is easiest to clean up with a dry absorbent cloth, rather than old, soaked in mess. Blot as much of the liquid up as you can, avoiding rubbing which will just push the stain into the carpet. For solid messes, remove with your rubber gloves and blot as much liquid up as you can. Work from the outside inwards, so you don’t spread the stain.

Don’t Use a Product Containing Ammonia

Avoid using a cleaning product with ammonia in, especially with cat stains. Cat urine contains ammonia in it and by adding ammonia to the stain, the smell will encourage your pet to mess there again. Use a small amount of a cleaning product mixed with water or a spray of vinegar, followed by a sprinkle of baking soda. Vacuum up any particles after the area has dried.

Blot the Mess, Don’t rub

Always blot up as much moisture as you can in the beginning. Rubbing may push dirt deep into the carpet fibres, making it harder to remove. Use clean cloths or paper towels and keep changing them out for new ones, once the materials are soaked.

Use Lukewarm, Not Hot Water

You would think; the hotter the water when cleaning up a pet stain, the better, right? However, hot water may permanently set the stain bonding proteins to any man-made fibres. Choose lukewarm or cool water for your cleaning mixture and rinse afterwards.

Rinse the Area Well

After you’ve applied your cleaning mixture and removed as much of the stain as you can, give the area a good rinse. Blot with paper towels and repeat again if needed. Make sure to agitate the edges of the stain, so you don’t leave a water mark.

Have Carpets Professionally Cleaned

If you have pets in the home, dirt, dust and hair can build up quickly, especially in high traffic areas. In addition to your own vacuuming, you should aim to have professional carpet cleaning every three to six months.