The Dangers of Dirty Carpets: Top 5 Health Issues

We all know that a clean environment is better for our health. Carpets in our home and in commercial spaces undergo a huge amount of wear and can be a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses. Even if you vacuum your carpet often, dirt can get trapped deep down which can have a negative effect on health.

For work spaces, it’s recommended to enlist the help of professional office cleaners in Brisbane. For your home, get professional carpet steam cleaning every 3-6 months. If carpets are left dirty for long periods of time, you risk the health of yourself, family and employees. Here are a list of issues dirty carpets can cause;


Dust, dirt, mold and pet hair gets stuck in your carpet fibres. As we walk over our carpets, these get kicked around and can be severely irritating for allergy sufferers. If you’re experiencing enhanced allergy symptoms, your carpet could be the culprit. Vacuuming often doesn’t pick up all irritants – if you suffer from allergies, get your carpet steam cleaned regularly.

Respiratory Issues

Dirt and irritants in the carpet can inflame your lings, especially if you are particularly sensitive. You might experience coughing, runny nose and eyes or sneezing fits from dirty carpets. If not dealt with, these issues can lead to allergies or asthma. Talk to your local carpet cleaning experts in Brisbane for an affordable cleaning plan.

Weak Immune System

Our immune system is constantly working hard to fight off illness. If you’re living in an environment with dirty carpets, the immune system will be working in overdrive and may lead to it getting tired and weakened. Babies have developing immune systems and are in contact with the floor a lot, which puts them at even greater risk of a dirty carpet making them sick. Vacuum your carpet regularly and set a schedule for professional cleans.

Itchy Skin

If you have sensitive skin or are prone to skin conditions like eczema, rashes or athletes foot, you may experience itchy skin while in contact with dirty carpets. Dust mites love living deep in a carpet and sometimes don’t even get picked up by regular vacuums. Experts recommend running a dehumidifier and having a pro steam carpet clean at regular intervals.

Stomach Irritation

Damp or dirty carpet can lead onto a variety of stomach illnesses like irritation and infection. Mold can go unseen in your carpet according to the International Association of Home Inspectors. Salmonella and E Coli can even be hidden in your unwashed carpet, having been walked in on your shoes. Get your carpets cleaned professionally ever 3-6 months and even sooner for high traffic areas and places of work.