5 Simple Tips to Clean and Declutter Your Office

A messy, dirty office can lead to stressed out staff and lowered productivity. Trying to get things done while surrounded by piles of papers can be tough. But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can call in a professional office cleaner in Brisbane, or you can follow a few simple tips to get your office tidy, clean and organised. Here’s a few ways to get some Zen back into your office space.

Recycle or Shred Old Paperwork

Over time, old paperwork can start to build up creating clutter. If a good tidy up has been left for a long time, the mountains of paperwork may seem like a daunting task to get rid of. But the sooner you get started the better! If you just printed on one side, re-use paper as note paper or to print in-house data on. Transfer any important data from paperwork into digital form and shred any useless paper left over.

Organise Important Documents

It’s important to keep office documents filed correctly. This is for the sanity of you and your staff, plus it’ll make things so much easier when a new employee starts. Explaining an organised filing system to a new starter will be a lot smoother than struggling to explain where anything is. Use a modern filing system with easy to identify labels.

Sanitise Surfaces Especially the Phone

Dust, dirt and allergens in a work place can seriously impact people’s health. If left, germs can spread easily in an office environment when many people are touching the same surfaces. This can cause staff illness and lower productivity in staff. Clean and disinfect office spaces regularly and focus especially on items like the phone. Call in professional Brisbane office cleaners to ensure your work environment stays a happy, productive space.

Repair and Update Furniture

Old, outdated furniture, not only impacts your staff, but it doesn’t give a great impression to clients. If your furniture hasn’t been repaired or updated for a while, it’s definitely worth the investment. New furniture will keep your staff sitting and working comfortably and show your office in a positive, I mean business light.

Call in Professional Office Cleaners

Professional office cleaning ensures your work space stays in tip top condition. Extra Clean can put together a cleaning schedule that suits your budget and time restraints. We establish a detailed and clear plan of action with every client, ensuring your office is cleaned without disturbing work flow. Call us anytime for a free office cleaning quote. Our work is 100% guaranteed!