How to Care for Your Vinyl Floors

Stripping and Sealing also called Stripping and Re-Coating

1.Stripping – his is the process of removing all floor finish &/or sealer from the floor. It is the most aggressive step. This may be needed to be carried out before starting the floor care cycle, especially if the floors have not been properly maintained or if it has been some time since the floors have been stripped.

As with most refurbishing jobs, proper preparation is everything. Once the floor has been stripped it may also need to be re-sealed. It will also need at least three coats of new floor finish. This process should only need to be performed once a year or longer, as long as the correct steps are being performed regularly  and the floors are being maintained properly.

2. Daily Maintenance – Now that the floors have been stripped and re-coated, it needs daily maintenance in order to keep the clean, glossy look. If daily maintenance is not performed, the finish will not hold up and the floor appearance will diminish quickly. Daily maintenance includes sweeping or vacuuming, then mopping the floor with a neutral pH floor cleaner. If floors are not maintained daily, by your cleaning service then an employee should be assigned to do between services.

3. Burnishing or Spray Buffing – When daily maintenance no longer restores the floor to the desired level of appearance, either burnishing or spray buffing services are in order. Burnishing and/or spray buffing will help to restore the clean look and shine, and will also prolong the need for stripping and sealing.

4.Scrubbing and Sealing – When burnishing or spray buffing no longer restores the shine to the floor, you can remove a couple of coats of finish and re-apply new layers of finish. This will remove all embedded dirt, heel marks, and restore the floors to an almost freshly stripped an re-coated condition. It is very similar to stripping and sealing, but there is no need to completely remove all the finish from the floor. This is an economical way to extend the life cycle, which means it will prolong the need for the stripping and re-coating process.

When scrubbing and re-coating are no longer effective, it is time to start the cycle all over again with stripping and re-coating. As mentioned earlier, most floors should only need to be stripped and re-coated once a year or longer, as long as maintenance steps are being performed.