Air Conditioning Can Make You Sick – Here’s How to Prevent It

Air conditioning units can be your best friend when battling the hot, humid weather. After facing the searing heat in certain parts of Australia, there’s nothing better than coming home and turning on an aircon unit. The thing is, if you don’t regularly maintain your unit, it can actually work against you and even contribute to illness.

The cold air from aircon units can actually be beneficial to sufferers of respiratory problems. But, when air conditioning and fungi, bacteria, dust, mold and mildew meet, this is when problems arise. If your office or home space isn’t cleaned and vacuumed regularly, air conditioning will circulate the already present allergens. Talk with Extraclean, your local property maintenance services in Brisbane to help you out.

How to Avoid Air Conditioning Sickness?

Some causes of air conditioning sickness are; running the aircon too cold, having mold and dirt overgrown in your system and if your property is not cleaned regularly making a breeding ground for allergens. If you notice symptoms like shivering constantly, headaches, nausea, tiredness, coughs, runny noses or sore muscles, you could be suffering from air conditioning sickness. Here’s how to prevent it;

  • Use professional commercial cleaning services Brisbane. Having regular maintenance for your aircon, including cleaning and a filter change is essential. Extraclean uses Gel Air products which reduce the buildup of contaminants by 99.99%
  • Check your air conditioning is at a comfortable temperature. Most people set their units too high which can lead to excess shivering, headaches and exhaustion
  • Make sure you clear your home and office regularly from dirt, dust, mildew and mold build up. Regular cleaning including carpet cleaning and tile cleaning is essential to prevent the buildup of bacteria

How to Know if Your Air Conditioner Has Mold

Before calling in expert property maintenance services Brisbane, you can check your aircon unit for mold. Even being near your aircon, you may smell a musty, earthy smell which points to mold growth. Otherwise, if you point a flashlight into the unit you may notice clusters of green, brown and black stains. Powdery white or gray stains are also a common sign of mold. It’s important not to leave mold to fester – call in professional office cleaners fast.

Please note that we do not provide extensive air con cleaning services.