7 Great Tips on Presenting Your Corporate and Office Areas


Extraclean would like to share some Great Tips on presenting your Corporate and Office Areas, while promoting an atmosphere that is both professional and friendly.

  1. If displaying Art, ensure it modern, popular and up to date. Large positive, modern prints will make more of a statement then old fashioned tired prints.
  2. Try hiring the Art for your workplace, suppliers usually rotate the Art on a regular basis, helps to see what works and what doesn’t.
  3. You can also display art painted from local hospital, school or charity. This helps to support your local community while showing the caring side of your business.
  4. Make an effort to frame your Art or pictures well. Cheap, shabby or worn frames send the wrong image to clients. The presentation of your company make the statement about you and what you stand for.
  5. Discourage staff from displaying inappropriate pictures, humorous statements etc especially if these areas can be viewed by customers/clients, instead encourage staff to personalise their area with pictures of family etc.
  6. Plants or fish tanks can look impressive and encourage peace and tranquillity. Good light will make a huge difference to the atmosphere as will a TV showing the New or a Current Affair shows.
  7. Advise staff not to hold personal conversations near waiting clients or customers, this can sometimes show lack of discipline and service.