5 Easy Ways to Prevent and Rid Your Home of Pests

Pest control

While pests are common in Australia with the favourably warm environment, there are ways you can prevent infestations. If you’ve already noticed pests in your home, these methods may also help eliminate them from your home. Of course, if you have an overwhelming infestation, you will need to call in the pest control experts.

House hygiene plays a big role on whether pests visit your home. Many common pests feed on food debris, dead skin, other bugs and anything they can get their claws or paws on really. If your home is not clean, you may have creepy crawlies sharing your home. Call in an expert Brisbane cleaning company if you need help with home hygiene. Some common house pests are;

  • Termites
  • Mice
  • Cockroaches
  • Ants

How to Prevent Pest Invasions in Your Home?

Prevention is better than cure and it’s better to put prevention methods in place before you get an actual invasion. Here’s what you can do to prevent pests in your home.

Take Out the Rubbish

Rubbish and tasty food scraps are a big draw for pests. Even if your bin has a lid, old bits of food have a strong smell and can be a tempting attraction for cockroaches, mice and ants. Aim to take your kitchen trash out every day and keep your outside bin, well away from the house if possible.

Clean, Dust and Vacuum Your Home Weekly

Even if we think we’re being clean, crumbs often get onto the kitchen floor and into carpet fibres. Pests like cockroaches, mice and especially ants will be after those bits of food if left. Aim to perform a good dust and vacuum of your home at least once a week and get in professional carpet cleaners regularly to your Brisbane home.

Fill in Wall Gaps and Cracks

Walls and window frames often develop cracks over time, especially if the house is aged. This is like an open invitation for pests who will crawl in to see what they can find. Do a good visual inspection of your home regularly and add in sealant to any cracks or holes you find.

Check Your Roof Cavity

Most homes generally have openings in the roof cavity which act as ventilation. Although these are needed, if pests frequent your area you can prevent them getting in these gaps by adding screens over the openings.

Keep Pets Well Groomed

Our beloved pets are part of the family, but after they’ve rolled around outside they are a one-way free ride for bringing pests into the home. Aim to use a monthly flea and tick treatment and give them a once over with a brush after their long walk outside.