Carpet Cleaning

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As much as you love them, your carpets have long since stopped being a source of character – thanks to an excess of foot traffic and more. With the help of ExtraClean, your once lush carpet can display its wall-to-wall brilliance once more.

Cleaning Options

We offer a number of carpet cleaning options to match your budget and hygiene needs:

Dry Clean

Using the latest in cleaning methods, we can suck out the dust and dirt clinging to the fibres of your carpet. Done in next to no time at all, there will be minimal disruption to your business in terms of areas being blocked off. This dry and direct cleaning process delivers relief from musty old carpets, in terms of both look and smell.

Steam Clean

When a more thorough clean is in order, we can come in during non-business hours and apply our special ‘steam’ method. Our low-allergy cleaning solution will work its way down to the very base of the carpet fibres, stripping away a lifetime of dust and dirt; this substance is then carefully extracted out leaving you with a soft, gorgeous looking carpet.


For those looking for the best possible clean, we also offer a special combination of the above cleaning methods. By combining both processes, we can eliminate 99% of all dust, dirt and bacteria that is hiding away in your carpet. The results at the end will astound you – it will look and feel as if your carpet were freshly laid.

Extra Options

If you need a little more beyond your standard carpet clean, we also offer:

  • Carpet and Fabric Protection
  • Upholstery Cleaning
  • Rug Cleaning
  • Carpet stain removal
Say no to dull and dusty carpets. Call ExtraClean on (07) 3245 3933 today for a quick estimate.

3 Rooms

Steam Cleaned